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Luxury Townhouses in 2009

NEWS ALERT: Exclusive Luxury Townhouses are soon to be built with the most stunning ocean views in Sao Vicente. Spacious 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with 2 En-suite and infinity pool. Be sure to complete the Property Form for more details and read more on Sao Vicente. These Townhouses are believed to double in value by 2011 when the International Airport will be open. Alternatively, you can request a property pack by calling our UK Office on 0208 517 8856.



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Unspoilt Cape Verde Beaches around the Cape Verde Islands

If you love long white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and the sun on your back then you will not be disappointed with the spectacular Cape Verde beaches. With miles of stunning coastline the Cape Verde beaches are never crowded.

Sao Vicente

Baia das Gatas has the safest beach of Sao Vicente . A lagoon producing a natural large swimming pool separated from the ocean by volcanic formation to form a beautiful still pool. The beach of Sao Pedro is long and spectacular and, in the opinion of professionals, is one of the finest places in the world for speed wind surfing.


Santa Maria beach is simply stunning offering four and a half miles of golden white sand. Enjoy long romantic strolls or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the peacefulness. The island of Sal provides all the delights of a turquoise-blue sea, crystal clean water, beaches, sunshine year-round and the most popular destination is Santa Maria Beach.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista is home to the most spectacular beaches in the archipelago with a dazzling stretch of 22km of white powdery sands and tropical waters. Pure paradise with unspoilt expanses of beach and sea is home to some of the most dazzling beaches on the archipelago, covering a staggering 55km. It is the closest to the African mainland, it is not only renowned for its stunning beaches but its marine life too.


With a unique blend of diverse landscapes, volcanic rocks, green valleys, barren regions and beautiful beaches Santiago is aesthetically pleasing. Ornithologists will be in their element as most of the species endemic to Cape Verde can be spotted here.


East of Santiago and located 25 km to the east of Santiago, the spectacular unspoilt beaches, this small island is a great place to escape, relax and take in the scenic landscapes and uninhabited beaches. To the north of the island you will find a magnificent 5km lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation and visitors in the summer may see some turtles on Maio's beaches. You can enjoy long uninterrupted walks along the deserted beaches and salt pans.

São Nicolau

A quiet and tranquil, the island still retains a genuine unspoilt feel with stunning beaches. The beaches at Tarrafal are said to have healing powers so don't be surprised to see locals buried in the sand!