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Luxury Townhouses in 2009

NEWS ALERT: Exclusive Luxury Townhouses are soon to be built with the most stunning ocean views in Sao Vicente. Spacious 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with 2 En-suite and infinity pool. Be sure to complete the Property Form for more details and read more on Sao Vicente. These Townhouses are believed to double in value by 2011 when the International Airport will be open. Alternatively, you can request a property pack by calling our UK Office on 0208 517 8856.



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The range of accommodation is increasing rapidly. There are international hotels on the main islands. Otherwise, there are small hotels on the smaller islands.

Sao Vicente and Sal are the top Islands in Cape verde. Soa Vicente is rapidly passing all the other lsands. Sao Vicente is the largest town of northern Mareira, and also one of the most beautiful on the island. There are some interesting sight-seeing spots here such as the Sao Vicente Chapel, which is built inside a cave. There is a small port on the sea front and some pretty shops in the narrow streets. Below are some hotels in Sao Vicente and Sal, these are some of the best that can be found.

Mindelo Hotels - Porto Grande (Soa Vicente)

This forms one side of the main square Placa Novo and is owned by the same group that operates the Orizontes in Sal. It is close to banks shops, restaurants and bars and just 100m up from the harbour area, where yachts are moored. It is about 800m from the Ferry terminal for Santa Antao and so a good staging point for trips to Cape Verdes' only remaining verdant island. Some rooms overlook the pool, which is medium sized and others a small garden area in front, above the street. They are basic with wood floors and simple furniture. We got one of the ones looking into the rubbish storing area, with a tiny balcony. Service is poor and it has missing bath and basin stoppers, indicative of poor management. But it does have baths as well as showers and bidets. Cape Verdian food is acceptable but served in a buffet, which can be a bit of a scrum when large parties of Danes or Germans are passing through. A taxi to the beach at Baia das Gatas (no cats to be seen) costs £8 and the same taxi will collect you again so getting around is very easy.

Hotel Loutcha (Soa Vicente)

This is owned by a Francophone Mme Loutcha. It is out on the edge of town towards Baia das Gatas, so is a bit of a hike on foot. But it has possibly the best food in Mindelo, a mixture of Senegalese, French and Cabo Verdean. Dinner costs only £6 or £7 and the wine is fine. The Hotel offers a beach buffet and barbecue along the coast on Sundays. Locals come to eat dine and a guitar, violin and tenor group performs on most evenings. The bed rooms are large and old-fashioned a little dark and gloomy but perfectly comfortable and quiet. The plumbing is also old but seems to work most of the time. Madame is always on hand to sort things out.

Hotel Jenny (Soa Vicente)

This is perched up on a hill near the old British Consulate and above the area where coals were stored when Britain and steam ruled the waves. It has the best view of any hotel and is not far from shops and bars. It is called a Residencial in Portuguese which implies value rather than luxury and it does offer some very economical suites for 4 people on the top floor. It is built around a small, cool courtyard and some rooms give onto this whilst others face the sea. The owner's ancestors were Cornish aristocrats called St Aubyn, but he has lived in Senegal and speaks better French than English. It is clean, correct, reasonably central and with nice views and an attentive manager.

Hotel Foya Branca - Beach front at Sao Pedro (Soa Vicente)

The resort was originally a villa and apartment complex which was converted into an hotel, when the Belgian developer gave up trying to sell it. It is owned by Portuguese doctors investors who are trying to improve it and awaiting the day when the airport runway is extended. It lies almost at the end of the airport runway and has nice gardens with a large pool, surrounded by palms and fake turf. It is built next to the long sandy beach at Sao Pedro, where the sea can be rough because it is on a very windy corner of the island. The wedge shape of the main hotel gives every room a balcony, looking out onto the sea.

The villas are large and well equipped with kitchens and can spacious as they were built for sale. It has three pools, tennis court, playground, two bars. Windsurfing, body-boarding and diving can be organised by Frederick , who will also arrange fishing for tuna with local boats from Sao Pedro village at the other end of the beach.

There ia riding and cycling on private tracks which can be organised at the hotel. There is a regular free hotel bus goes into Mindelo, several times a day, which is where most of the action is. But the trip takes only 10 minutes. The villas sleep four, six or eight.

Hotel Estalagem do Vale (Soa Vicente)

This is located in the valley just outside the coastal village of Sao Vicente. The view of the high peaked mountains all around is absolutely breathtaking and is part of the Laurissilva forest - a Unesco World Heritage nature site. The country inn is in fact two properties – the original 18th century manor house with an adjoining modern two storey wing to provide 41 bedrooms, spacious lounge, bar and restaurant. The downstairs open plan public rooms are imaginatively designed in a bold contemporary style – marble floors, brown leather sofas and chairs, round rugs in bright green, red and yellow, and a piano. At the far end is the bar, complete with bar stools –it’s all very welcoming and cosy; indeed a log fire burns in the corner library area. For such a small boutique hotel, the leisure facilities are superb with an outdoor pool, spa, patio, and choice of garden sports.

Solar de Boaventura (Soa Vicente)

The Solar de Boaventura is a traditional hotel. This old building looks back on a history of several hundred years during which it has served among other things as a home, a school and a medical centre.
The house has been tastefully converted into a hotel taking great care to conserve the original style of the country homes of Madeira.

Steadily growing demand, due to its quiet location, led to the extension of the hotel.
Today, guests will enjoy an even more comfortable and pleasant stay in the new buildings of traditional style and the beautiful surrounding grounds.

Boaventura is an ideal starting point for hikes along the levadas, walks through the surrounding country and round-trips of great variety by hired car, bus or taxi.

Morabessa, Beachfront (Santa Maria - Sal)

A Belgian owned hotel which is the best hotel in Santa Maria. It was built in 1957 as a family home, not an hotel. It is now run by the grand-daughter of the founder of the hotel, who speaks good English. Each room in the hotel has a balcony looking onto a beautiful garden or across this towards the sea. The hotel is set back from the beach but with a fine sea view and swimming pool. You can dine under mature trees and stars in the hotel courtyard. The Cape Verde buffet on Saturday nights is an excellent array of local dishes. The hotel offers archery, billiards, windsdurfing and diving and has an attractive beach restaurant and a bar with a Happy Hour for caprinhias in the main hotel bar. This is the Happy Hour at the Verandah Bar upstairs from 1830 is a mecca for english-speaking visitors.

Hotel Orizonte - Beachfront (Santa Maria - Sal)

The Orizonte Hotels were originally built by the Cape Verde Government but were sold to a Portuguese chain, which operates them more efficiently. They are on the beach in a prime position just next to the Morabessa. The two hotels share some facilities such as the pool and restaurants but operate separately. The Novois all-inclusive only whilst the Belo caters for bed and breakfast but also has buffet lunch and dinner. The cuisine has Cape Verdean dishes and offers wahoo and steaks as well as cachupa. Most of the accomodation is in small cabins, which have just enough room for three beds and a shower, with very bright colour schemes. They are air-conditioned .

Hotel Olho d`Agua - Beachfront (Santa Maria - Sal)

With a fabulous position jutting out into the bay, it is owned by a former manager at the Morabessa. We had to take him with us to get anyone to serve coffee and then it was slowly and sullenly served. The hotel rooms are clean but rather gloomy although some look straight onto a beautiful bay. Service is very poor but it has a good restaurant on a promontory jutting out into the sea. Double accomodation is similar in price to the Morabeza, which has far better service.