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Luxury Townhouses in 2009

NEWS ALERT: Exclusive Luxury Townhouses are soon to be built with the most stunning ocean views in Sao Vicente. Spacious 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with 2 En-suite and infinity pool. Be sure to complete the Property Form for more details and read more on Sao Vicente. These Townhouses are believed to double in value by 2011 when the International Airport will be open. Alternatively, you can request a property pack by calling our UK Office on 0208 517 8856.



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Responsible Tourism

Tourism can bring a wealth of benefits to destinations particularly developing countries and local communities. However we mustn't forget that at the same time tourism can adversely affect the nature and environment of a destination if it is not looked after, To ensure tourism benefits the people of Cape Verde we strive to work positively towards protecting the natural beauty; wildlife and culture of Cape Verde so that future generations can continue to enjoy residing in and visiting the country.

We commit to:

• Employ local staff wherever possible, provide training and give fair terms of employment to ensure their long term security.

• Promote respect and understanding for Cape Verde and the Cape Verdean people.

• Provide knowledge with excellent background information on all aspects of Cape Verde and for responsible tourism to continue to be a serious consideration in our pre-departure advice.

To ensure tourism benefits the people of Cape Verde we strive to work positively towards protecting the natural beauty, wildlife and culture so that future generations can continue to residing in and visiting Cape Verde. Below are a few ways you can help prevent the country being spoiled by tourism and protect the environment in general:

Spend your money wisely

Make sure your money benefits the Cape Verdean People - buy Cape Verdean products and services.

Preserve Energy and Water

Water is a precious commodity all over the world; however in Cape Verde this is especially true after years of drought. Much of the water used I comes from desalination plants and we would ask that you only leave towels to be washed if they are dirty and consider using a shower instead of running a full bath.

  • Only leaving dirty towels and laundry on the floor for washing.
  • Turn off dripping taps and report any leaks.
  • Use a basin of water with a plug rather than a running tap and take a shower instead of a bath.

Dispose of litter carefully

Discard rubbish in the bins provided. Litter not only looks unpleasant but also can attract vermin and be potentially dangerous to wildlife and people.

Respect other people

We ask you to dress modestly when you are away from the resort areas and always ask permission when taking photographs.

Do not support illegal trading

Please do not buy items made from ivory, reptile skin, fur or tortoise.turtle shell.


There are a number of endangered plant species on the archipelago so please do not pick them under any circumstances.

Loggerhead Turtles

More than 3,000 loggerhead turtles flock to the beaches of Cape Verde, particularly Ervatao beach, Boa Vista, the third most important loggerhead nesting site in the world. Sea turtles have been around for 95 million years so it is imperative that we do all we can to protect them and give them a fair chance of survival. Loggerhead turtles are very sensitive to human disturbances, which have a damaging and often fatal effect on the turtles. Turtles encounter many dangers both in the water and out so please respect them and abide by these guidelines:

• Please do not go too near the turtles.

• Avoid shining bright lights on them at night. Lights distract the nesting females and disorientate the hatchlings as they make their way to the sea.

• Please adhere to warning signs and notices about the turtles

• Trade in turtle products is forbidden. Please refrain from buying items I made from this.

Save energy and the environment, please turn off lights, air conditioning and electrical items when not needed. Water is extremely precious in developing countries so please help preserve supplies by: