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Real estate for sale

Luxury real estate on the island of Sal (Cape Verde)

Sal Island

Guaranteed completion date: 4th quarter of 2022!
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Apartments "Sal Villas"

Completion date: 4th quarter of 2022!
60 sq. m.
Apartment with a size of 60 sq. m. located near the quiet town of Santa Maria. In the city, in the immediate vicinity (on foot), can be found grocery stores and supermarkets, numerous restaurants and cafés, a post office, car rental services, ATMs and a night club.

25 Apartments in our Complex (60 and 90 sq. m.)

Layout: Apartment 60 sq. meters

Apartments "Sal Villas"

Completion date: 4th quarter of 2022!
90 sq. m.
Apartments size is 90 sq. m., located near the town of Santa Maria. In the city, in the immediate vicinity (on foot), can be found grocery stores and supermarkets, numerous restaurants and cafés, a post office, car rental services, ATMs and a night club.
Layout: Apartment 90 sq. meters

Villa "Sal Villas"

Completion date: 4th quarter of 2022!
198 sq. m.
340.000 - 360.000
The complex includes 50 detached 2-storey villas, each with a pool and a plot of 6 acres, located near the town of Santa Maria.
The territory of the city is fenced.

50 penthouses with their own territory and parking

Villa: 1st and 2nd floors

Cape Verde

Sal Island

The territory of the Complex is 5 hectares. It's located on a coastline, 100 meters away from the Ocean, and consists of 50 detached 2-storey villas, each having footage of 190 sq. m., a plot of 6 acres, and a pool. And a separate Complex of apartments 60 sq. m. and 90 sq. m. The apartment Complex has a lounge area with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a large swimming pool. The territory of the city is fenced.

See the beauty of Sal Island

What will I get?

In the time of financial instability, you are purchasing real property with a guaranteed yearly capitalisation increase. Depending on the plans, you can reside in it, or receive guaranteed income. This is a universal risk-free investment in real estate located on an island with its' unique climate and broad investment prospects.
Sal Island diving tours
Riding a Jet Ski in the Ocean
Scuba Diving
Discover the underwater beauty with scuba diving in Sal Island
Sailing a yacht across the Atlantic!
Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean
Kite-surfing on Santa Maria

About us
Our company is a successful developer with over 8 years of experience in investment projects on the territory of Cape Verde. During this time, we've been completing the projects of different complexity (villas, townhouse villages, and effective investment-wise apartments), custom-built for institutional investors from Norway, Germany, Great Britain and others. We have experience in working on governmental construction projects in Cape Verde. Within the project "Sal Villas" in Cape Verde, we are implementing keen demand of private investors to the robust commercial estate in the region.
High quality advisory
We are a leading company in providing an outstanding estate advisory and caring for our Clients.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.
All our specialists have more than 5 years of construction experience. They use their knowledge to make our clients' lives better.
Individual approach
Our company works on the principle of individual approach to each client. This method allows us to achieve success at all levels.

Our benefits

Adapted to the new reality:
Online arrangement with contract signing, apostilling, and sending the original document set to the Buyer.
Many years of experience in construction and real estate
We offer you a professional consultation with our specialist in 30 minutes.
Adequate price
Your will get a guaranteed return on investment

How do we work?

Signing the contract
General terms, conditions, responsibilities, etc.
  • Equal parts (10 quarters);
  • 50/50 (initial payment at registration); Discount: 4.5%;
  • 100% payment. Discount - 7% + document registration expenses will be covered from our side;
Construction works, according to the architectural plan
Passing all the necessary procedures for ownership registration and delivery.
Important: monthly mandatory payment of 25 euros is paid for the maintenance of the territory


Dear investors, please pay attention to the following points:
Signing contract
The investment contract is signed (and notarized) before the completion of construction works and commissioning of the object! And the payment is made on the terms of the contract.
Notarized power of attorney
In case the investor refuses to go through the registration procedure, they may notarize the power of attorney in the Embassy of Cape Verde to our representative.
Notarial act
After signing the document by the Seller and Buyer and certifying their signatures, the notary submits the notarial act to the district court, Certidao do egisto Predial.
Court Framing
The entry judge makes a change in the circumstances of the object in the state register of real property. A mark on the entry is made in the notarial act itself.
Before making a transaction, the notary is provided with a certificate (extract) from the same register about the absence of encumbrances of the object. The certificate reflects the presence or absence of a mortgage of the object, the right to use the object by third parties, a ban on the sale, open court cases, etc. It also confirms that the object belongs to a specific person - the Seller.
Duties and taxes
Based on the sale price, the amount of state duty on the transaction and notary fees are determined. In total, they make up 3%.
Our customer support
We provide a free lawyer who can fully register the property for the Buyer by proxy, so it is not necessary to be present at the registration.
Do it yourself
If the client does not want to resort to our advisory, they can go through the procedures themselves.

Object management options:

Personal use
Use of the object at the discretion of the Client (living or lease out)
Our help
Management is carried out by our company, renting out, and we guarantee 11% of the annual income + 5 weeks of residence of the owner (notify in a month)
Possibility of redemption
Guaranteed repurchase by our company (at a fixed price) at the rate of +9% growth in value per year, but not earlier than 6 months after commissioning

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Why invest in real estate?
Appealing profitability with minimal risks; low volatility; hedge against inflation; guaranteed income.
Why choose us?
Long-term working experience in the realty market and similar projects realisation; guaranteed annual income in the amount of 9%; secured redemption of your property within a calendar year after the commissioning of the facility; assistance in hiring out.
Why Cape Verde?
Direct flights from the majority of European countries; favourable year-round climate; touristic attraction during any season; growing prices for property.

Our office address: Praia Cidade Velha, Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

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10 am - 5 pm

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